Cocka Doodle Doo – Happy New Year !

I wish you all a happy and healthy year.

This is Sarit happy and excited to start the New Year with copic.

Rooster sig

i took the image from kids coloring page “Ben’s coloring pages” here is the link.

I found on Wikipedia a gorgeous pic of a rooster that becomes my model and color guide.


I started with the body with the light color BV20 just to “wet” my coloring area then adding the medium and dark color making the body feathers going back with the light color again to lighten the light areas.


From there I moved to the tail. I started with the BG color in the tail and then I add the BV + C colors with Flick motion from the center of the feather.

When I finished the tail I made the “white area” with white gel pen.

Rooster tail

The last area was the colored feathers.

I started coloring with blending technique start from red going to yellow when   I finished, I add flicks on every colored area I flicked with darker color to achieve more realistic view.


I had lots of fun coloring the rooster.

Hope you like it

Here are the color lists:

BV20 , BV23 , BV25, BV29

BG57, BG45, BG53, BG32

C0, C3, C5, C7,

R20, R21, R24, 0 this for the crest

R11, R12 for the legs

R89, R59, R22, R39

YR68, YR24, YR15

Y17, Y06, Y04, Y00

E23, E25

See you next  time

Hugs, Sarit

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