Baby Card

Hi everyone,

It’s Sarit here…..

Today I want to show you a fun way to practice on your feathering blending.

I start with drawing the letters I want to color. I wrote the word “baby”

PaperHerat - Baby Card

When I’m o.k. with the result, I go over it with Copic Multi Liner

here I used 0.5

PaperHerat - Baby Card

Choosing the colors….. sometimes its takes lots of time…….

One important thing! try the colors on a piece of paper before you start to color

If something doesn’t blend well try a different combo.

Arrange the colors by the coloring order in front of me, that way I cant make lots of mistakes

PaperHerat - Baby Card

Now I start to work from blue on top until I get to the yellow in the bottom of the letter.

PaperHerat - Baby Card

Here is the finish card… (its fun to write a name and color it that way)

PaperHerat - Baby Card

Markers Used…

B28, B24, B14, B02, BG13, YG07, YG05, YG11, YG01, Y02

On the letter “Y” I add Y04 & Y06

Around the letters I used: BV31, C3, C0,C00 & 0

Distress ink

Hope you like it.

Hugs, Sarit

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