Oct 25

המכשפה הרעה מהמערב…. (כמעט)


Paper heart 251015

שבוע טוב לכולם, לכבוד ה-Halloween המתקרב הכנתי כרטיס לבלוג קופיק אירופה

At the weekend we saw the beautiful movie “The wizard of Oz”  with Judy Garland.

When the movie was finished I sat down to color. With the influence of the movie and Halloween just around the corner, I thought it would be lots fun to color a witch.

I wanted something funny to color, looked around for a Digi and I came across a coloring page with such cute witches, it was hard to choose.

Here is the link for the coloring page


Paper Heart 251015 close

I didn’t want the witch to have a regular color skin, so this time I have used the YG family for the skin.

For the dress folds, I wanted you to feel as if she is flying really fast……

I wanted the witch to seem with the moon.

The moon and the witch are one piece. Here is how I did it.

Paper Heart 251015tip

  1.  Mark the round die cut on the paper with pencil, where you want it to be

2.  Cut with scissors the part you don’t want to cut 

3. Place the die cut underneath the area you don’t want to be cut 

 4. Cut with your machine

Paper heart 251015

I wanted to color the background, with Copic too.

and I did…..

Markers Used…

Face: YG01, YG23, YG25, YG17, G28

Dress: V04, V15, V17, V09, B26

Hat + Shoes: N4, N6, N7, N8 , B24+ B26

Socks: V12, V15, Y17, Y19

Broom: E55, E57, E59, E33

Background: B34, B37, B39

Wishing you a wonderful day

Sarit Sabbag Sig

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