Thinking of you

Sarit Sabbag 191115

אתמול פורסם כרטיס קופיק שהכנתי לבלוג קופיק אירופה


Good Morning Everyone, this is Sarit here.
Most of the cards we make are to put a smile on someones face,
But sometimes it’s just to give a hug and say “I’m thinking of you”
I found this lovely image at Wikipedia, (when I want to colour flowers
this is the best place to find a beautiful line art flower)
Sarit Sabbag 191115 close
I started colouring with the petals, as they take most of the attention.
Mostly when we colour small area we colour from dark to light.
trying to be very gentle with the dark red colour.
Don’t  want the paper to absorb a lot of ink otherwise the red colour will expand outside the line.
And the red colour cannot be wiped off with the blender.
Don’t  be afraid to use reds, just pay more attention when you colour it in small area.
Here are the Copics I used:
YG93, YG95, YG97, YG99
N5, N7
Big Hugs
Sarit Sabbag Sig

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